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About the Author Geoff Fry

Geoff has been a professional drummer, educator and percussionist for over 15 years. As a rudimental specialist, he gained much of his insight and experience from his time in competitive drum corps.

Picture of Geoff Fry Author of Freestyle Rudiments

After performing with both the world famous Blue Devils drum corps and The Cadets drum corps he spent two years instructing at the Bluecoats drum corps.Geoff began his interest in rudimental drumming in the UK at the age of 12 and went on to become UK individual tenor champion 3 times before travelling to the USA to compete at the elite level on the Drum Corps International circuit.Geoff co-created and performs with the renowned UK freestyle drumming group “Percussion Theatre”. As well as rudimental drumming Geoff is also a well-respected drum kit session player and teacher and has performed with some of the world’s top kit drummers in clinics across the UK for companies such as Roland Corporation.

Geoff is available for clinics, master classes or performances and can be contacted via the following

Example of how to permutate a drum beat

About The System

Throughout the book you are going to see references to Pos.1 2 3 4 5. The word “Pos.” is short for position and the numbers relate to the permutations of each rudiment.

In the book permutation means starting the rudiment from a different position.
This can be simply illustrated by permutation of a word.Let’s use the word apple.

Pos. 1 APPLEWe can permutate the word by taking the first letter “A” and moving it to the back of the word meaning the new versions are as follows.
Pos. 2 PPLEA
Pos. 3 PLEAP
Pos. 4 LEAPP

Flam rudiments

Single Hand Part

As a bonus some of the rudiments have a section titled “single hand part”. This refers to the physical movements carried out by the specified hand when performing the rudiment. By focusing on just one limb we can practice and refine the movements needed to master that rudiment. It is also a great way to improve speed and helps the performer find any personal weaknesses.

A list of common rudiments

The Rudiments

The book contains many hybrid rudiments and over 500 variations.
There is no definitive standard list of rudiments in existence so the book takes a different approach and teaches the student a simple method to expand on everything they learn.
It doesn’t contain every rudiment ever invented but it does contain the most popular and widely used rudiments from the drum corps, indoor drum line and free style drumming world.


Below are answers to our most common questions and requests.

  • Do you have to of a certain standard to learn from the book

    No the book is a great resource for beginners to professionals

  • Do you have to be able to read music to learn from the book

    Yes you need at least a basic understanding of reading drum music